History in Walnut Creek, Ohio

The beginnings of Ohio's Amish Country


The Walnut Creek area was originally settled by Amish pioneers from Sommerset, Pennsylvania. In 1803, an exploring party surveyed the region and selected a location for settlement. Jonas Stutzman arrived in the spring of 1809 and settled on land just southwest of the current town of Walnut Creek. He became the first permanent settler in Eastern Holmes County.

Since those early beginnings, Walnut Creek has experienced many changes, including a name change (it was originally called New Carlisle). But the common denominator has been the Amish and Mennonite residents, the descendents of those early pioneers who selected this area as their ideal home.

Those original settlers brought with them the traditions, tools, equipment, culture and stories of the Old Country, Switzerland and Germany.

The German Culture Museum seeks to be keeper of history in the township - displaying items and keeping records of happenings since the pioneer days. We are pleased to keep the old stories alive and pass on the appreciation of where we have been and ultimately, to see more clearly where we are going.